Wholesale Used Clothing Products

Premium Used Clothes

UCBrand Clothing offers a high quality grade of used clothes. Our premium clothes are our best of the best, top 5% of the items that we process. Some will also call them “cream of the used clothing”. They are collected from donations and charities in the wealthiest areas of New York , New Jersey and Maryland states. It is our main wholesale used clothing product. These clothes come in excellent and very good condition, with no flaws or visible wear. It’s not uncommon to find brands like Calvin Klein, Abercrombie, Adidas, Nike, North Face, Armani or Victoria Secret in A&E Clothing Premium Clothes.
Premium clothes are packed in 55 lbs bags.


Grade 1 Clothes

Grade 1 clothes are used clothes of very good standard and competitive pricing. These clothes have very slight or moderate wash/wear. Still, no flaws like holes and tears. All clothing is carefully inspected and sorted into one of 200 categories.  After that it is packed in convenient pressed 100lbs bales and sent worldwide. We regularly load around 500 bales of used clothing (50,000 lbs) per 40 ft. container or 230 bales (23,000 lbs) per 20 ft. container.

Grade 1 Sample Products – Men, Women, Kids

Used Mixed Rags

Our Mixed Rags product is a Grade 2 clothing of all age groups and genders. Mixed Rags are store returns, household rummages, unfit from thrift shops and donations. These clothes might have significant visible flaws or fade. Clothing is sorted and graded by experienced workers and then most commonly baled in bales of 1250 lbs.

Used Shoes

We offer shoes of very good quality that have little use and no holes. We do not include high heel and winter shoes. Shoes are paired and packed in 50 lbs bags.  Second hand shoes are highly attractive to our customers in Asia and Africa.

High heel shoes, winter boots, and unpaired shoes are available with a special discount. Just recently we have also included shoe trees that protect shape of shoes and prevent it from developing creases.


Soft Toys / Hard Toys

A&E Clothing offers soft toys of excellent and good quality. The package contains soft toys such as stuffed animals and hard toys such as cars, dolls, games and puzzles. Another category is garden toys like small bikes, skateboards, scooters, rocking horses etc.

Used Handbags

We offer handbags, backpacks, and wallets at affordable pricing.  Sorted and packed to meet our customers’ needs and expectations.


This category includes items like belts, buckles, ties, hats, scarves, and baseball caps.

Sporting Goods

While the company’s main objective is to deliver top quality used clothing to our customers, we can also offer a variety of used sporting goods that will diversify your business and attract more customers. We regularly collect:
– baseball bats and gloves
– hockey sticks and bags
– golf clubs and bags
– bowling balls
– bikes and bike helmets
– roller skates
– skis, ski boots, snowboard boots
– ice skates
– and more!

Household Items

Another way to expand your second hand business is to include household items like pots & pans, bed spreads, quilts and blankets and also all types of carpets and rugs. Why not include them into your main order? Let us know if you’re interested and we will present you a great deal on these items.


This category includes items like books, luggage, suitcases, kids car seats and all kinds of electronic devices.

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