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Are Second Hand Stores Still Lucrative?

Second hand stores, known also as thrift or consignment shops can be a way to own your own business and make some money. With these stores thriving on the internet, it can be difficult to make a profit in this competitive market. There are some things to consider when opening a brick and mortar thrift store that can make it successful in today’s market.


Buying into a second hand store franchise is a safe way to enter the consignment store business. There
several popular stores whose established name and reputation will attract clientele.

• Once Upon A Child

They resell gently used items for babies and small children. They stock everything from clothing, to baby gear & toys. It is possible to find brand new items because people will sell their unused, outgrown baby things.

• Plato’s Closet

This is a popular with teens and twenty-somethings who want a trendy look at a very low cost.

• Style Encore

This store resells women’s casual and business clothing as well as handbags and accessories.

• Play It Again Sports

Play It Again Sports resells quality sports and exercise equipment.

• Music Go Round

This music store will make trades for musical instruments and resell.


Starting any business requires a financial investment. If you are selling in a brick and mortar store, you will need to consider rent, utilities, business licensing, advertising and more. You will also need to spend some money to purchase your second hand merchandise but may not be able to mark it up too much.


One of the key components of a successful second hand store is location.

• These stores attract people from different backgrounds so your clientele will be diverse.

• You do not want to pay high overhead because you are selling used items at low costs.

• You should be aware of the competition in the neighborhood you sell in. If there are other retail stores
in the general area, you need to make sure your store’s items compliment them so customers will be apt
to drop in and see what you have to add to other purchases.

Know what to sell

• Searching through antique sales, flea markets and yard sales is time consuming, but if you know what is
of value, it will be worth it.

• Research the internet to find out what items will be in demand and what items people will be willing to
pay for them.

• Group higher valued items such as designer clothing separately and make sure customers will see

• Scan the local market to get the best possible vendor. Use Google to find wholesale used clothing distributor
that will supply you with decent clothes at competitive price.

Second hand stores have been popular for many years. More recently, people will shop at these stores
because they want to find a good deal and know what they are looking for. They also have the internet
available to understand the real value of certain items. You can create a profitable consignment shop.
If you choose a great location, choose mostly profitable items to sell and attract customers to your store,
you can be successful.


4 things to remember when buying wholesale used clothing

Used clothing has become a hot item for shoppers and retailers alike as vintage styles come back into fashion and consumers become more invested in reusing items and saving money. Buying wholesale used clothing to sell can be a profitable move, but there are several things you should keep in mind.

1. Consider Your Target Market

There’s a ton of wholesale clothing out there, just as there is new clothing. Before you go and buy anything you see, consider who it is you want to sell to. This is especially important if your retail space is small or you’re selling online and don’t have a lot of room to put your inventory. It’s best to focus on one target market so that you can buy a specific range of sizes, types of clothing, brands, and styles. Figuring out who you’re selling to will also help when it’s time to market your business. Here are a few types of customers who often like to buy used clothes:

– College students who want to save money
– People who are into sustainable living, reusing, and recycling
– Mothers looking for good looking, affordable clothing for their kids and themselves
– Shoppers hunting for high end labels at a bargain.

2. Shop Around for the Best Prices

There are many sources available where just about anyone can buy used clothes at a low price, including:

– Online classified Ads, such as Craigslist
– Thrift stores
– City-wide garage sales or large sales held by churches and community centers
– Auction sites, such as Ebay (search the wholesale lots section)

If you’re willing to buy in bulk, ask for a discount in exchange for taking all of the clothes off a private seller’s hands.

3. Go to Wholesale Used Clothing Suppliers for Great Bargains

After you’re done scouring second hand stores, thrift shops, and online classified ads to get used clothing, you may find that the prices aren’t as low as you’d initially hoped. If you’re looking to buy used clothing at the cheapest price, your best bet is contacting wholesale clothing distributors. They’ll typically give you the lowest price per piece, but the caveat is you’ll need to invest in a bulk purchase. Still, if you’re looking to obtain a large amount of quality used clothes at rock bottom prices, wholesalers are well worth a try.

4. Presentation Is Important

No matter how you obtain your used clothing or where you plan to sell it, thoughtfully consider how it will be arranged. Used clothing can look every bit as appealing as new clothes with a high price tag if they’re displayed in a pleasing manner. Group like items and sizes together, and consider giving the clothes a good steaming or ironing before putting them on the rack for customers. The better the used clothes are displayed, the easier it will be for customers to find what they want and make a purchase.


Is Buying Second Hand Shoes OK?

While some people worry about buying second hand shoes, there are in fact lots of advantages in purchasing used footwear. The benefits include:

  • Low cost
  • Barely worn bargains
  • Vintage appeal
  • No longer available ranges
  • Famous designer footwear

Low Cost Second Hand Shoes

Second hand shoes almost always cost less than a brand new pair. This makes them an excellent choice for anyone on a tight budget or for those who want to buy as many pairs of used shoes as possible for their money. If you only need a pair of shoes for a one-off occasion, for example for a costume party or for a single special event, a second hand pair is much more likely to be cost effective.

Barely Worn Bargains

Many pairs of second hand shoes have had very little wear and are almost as good as new. Lots of people buy a pair of shoes, wear them once only to discover that they don’t fit properly or that they are uncomfortable, and then never wear them again. Eventually, when they get around to clearing out their wardrobe they put the shoes up for sale ready for you to grab a barely worn bargain.

Vintage Appeal

Retro fashion is in vogue at the moment, and if you want to capture the style, you really need the perfect pair of vintage shoes. Second hand shoes are the ideal answer as you can find the genuine period article to complete your look and get the authentic feel. Whether you are looking for a pair of 1970s platforms or stylish 1950s heels, you will be able to recreate the ideal outfit by purchasing a pair of shoes that were actually made in that decade rather than buying a modern copy which will often be made from poorer quality materials.

No Longer Available Ranges

If there is a particular style of shoes that you are looking for, but it can no longer be found in the stores, you can probably find the ideal pair second hand. Looking for used bargains is the best way to gain access to ranges and lines that are no longer available at a fraction of their original retail price.

Low Cost Designer Footwear

One of the best reasons for buying second hand shoes is that there are often amazing bargains to be found from designer labels. Although not brand new, designer shoes are always a coveted purchase, and are also guaranteed to be well made using high quality materials that will last for a long time. When you buy a second hand pair of designer shoes, you can be sure that not only will you be getting a famous brand for much less than you would pay in a store, you are also going to be benefiting from footwear that will give you many more years of wear. Also, should you wish to sell them again in the future, you will easily be able to find a buyer as designer shoes are always popular, regardless of whether they are used or not.


5 Reasons To Buy Used Kids Clothes

As kids begin to grow older, their bodies start changing and progressing into bigger sizes of clothing. It seems like as soon as a parent turns around, their child is outgrowing their clothing again. This can become expensive, especially for those individuals who have more than one child. This is why there are so many of us who buy used kids clothes for our children. There isn’t a family out there who has recycled their clothes within their family and friends who have children who need clothes as well. If the used kid clothing fit the size of your child and are the right size, then there isn’t a single individual who deny these clothes. There are so many reasons as to families do this, and there are also many reasons why buying used kids clothing is better and more beneficial for families to look into.

Growing Quickly

When you are looking to purchase used kids clothes, when you buy them from a yard sale, or have them handed down to your child, you will be able to get clothing that are sized ahead and for the upcoming season. This is beneficial for you since you will not be over-spending on new clothing. When you are needing to replace your child’s wardrobe, instead of running out to the mall and spending way too much on clothes, shop smart and head to the thrift store instead. This will allow for you to save money, and also return home with more clothing than you would at a regular warehouse store. A nice aspect of buying used clothing is that you will be able to pass them on to friends and family once your child has outgrown these clothes.

Variety Of Clothing

When shopping for used clothing, you will be able to find that there is much more of a variety in the clothes that you can purchase. Therefore, when it is picture day at your child’s school, you won’t have to worry about if another child has the same outfit, or the same shirt, in their classroom. The thrift stores inventory of clothing is continuously changing, therefore, you will pass on a lot of the clothing you can find in these stores, but you will also be able to find a lot of “gems” and outfits that your child will have as a favorite. Make sure when you are shopping for second hand clothes, that the styles that you pick are the “in” styles of the times. Just because you are shopping for used clothes does not mean that you can’t find clothing that is in style.


Everyone knows that children makes a lot of messes and their clothes will become dirty or ruined. When you shop for used clothing items, if your child wears the outfit for the first time and stains it or ruins it, you will not be as frustrated because you did not spend a lot of money on the outfit. So, if you buy your child used clothing it will not keep them from making those types of messes, however, it will be less frustrating for you if they ruin an outfit that you did not spend a lot of money on.


There is another reason that is wonderful about buying used clothing, and it is that it is environmentally friendly. When you purchase your clothing from garage sales and thrift shops, you are keeping these very good items of clothing out of dumps and landfills, and it also decreases the demand for more manufacturing of new items of clothing. Therefore, when you are buying recycled clothing for your kids, you are actually helping our environment in a very big way.

Cheaper Option

When it comes to all of these thrift shops, garage sales, swaps and much more, there are plenty of ways for you to find really cheap clothing and also being able to find free clothes. If you take a look at the price of shoes and jeans these days, you will see just how expensive clothes are starting to be. However, if you shop for used jeans, you can easily purchase more pairs of jeans, and for the same price as one new pair. The number one reason to buy used clothing is that it saves you money. Instead of unloading your money on brand new clothes, when you purchase used kids clothes you are able to save so much more money for you and your family.

Used Kids Clothes Are Good Alternative

In conclusion, when it comes to used clothing, there are so many individuals who would benefit in a great way if they choose this road. When you purchase clothing from consignment shops, swaps, thrift stores, and garage sales, you are allowing for your pockets to stay full and not wasting all of your money on new clothing. It is not only beneficial to you for you budget, but you are also helping to keep our environment safe. There are so many people who shop for used clothing, so they can save money, help other family members by passing them down, helping our environment, and ending up having a large variety of clothing that your children can be satisfied with.


5 Benefits Of Buying Second Hand Clothes

The sale of second hand clothes is booming in America, in many different forms. No longer just an industry for disadvantaged communities, second hand stores are popping up everywhere, and they are being used even by elite shoppers to find real values in clothing.

Here are some of the places you can find second hand clothes at fabulous prices:

• Charity Outlets
• Slightly Used Stores
• Yard Sales
• Flea Markets
• Clothing Rental Outlets
• Online Specialty Stores

The benefits of buying second hand clothes are almost too numerous to list, but here are some of them.

Benefits The Shopper
Some of the best deals overall can be found at a seconds store. Because the inventory is in many cases donated instead of purchased, seconds stores can pass on the savings to customers, resulting in some fantastic buys. Savings can be as high as 90% off retail, and when stores become overstocked, some items are offered free. Otherwise expensive items such as formal gowns can be found at reasonable prices in second hand inventory. Items that are almost unavailable at retail stores because they are no longer popular can be found also, such as vintage clothing.

Benefits The Economy
Second hand discount stores are a recession-proof industry. Whether the economy is booming or failing, second hand discount stores can always exist in some form. That’s because the giver of the item is not suffering at all when he gives it away. He is merely giving something he doesn’t need or want anymore. Many people who donate to used clothing stores also buy from them. This makes for a continuous flow of both donated and purchased items.

Benefits The Less Fortunate
One thing that is often voiced by people on limited incomes is that they don’t want to accept charity. They would rather be able to pay their own way. Seconds stores allow people on a smaller income to retain their dignity while providing for family. Because people of all economic levels shop at seconds stores, there is no social stigma attached to it. People on lower incomes can save money that would otherwise be spent at retail, and use it for other things they really need.

Benefits Your Local Community
Many of us have the desire to affect national conditions in a positive way. When you give to your local community, you create a ripple effect that can benefit the nation as a whole. The multiplication factor in giving is often overlooked. When you donate to help someone else, they can in turn help a third person, who can in turn help a fourth, and so on. One single person may affect several people this way in his or her lifetime.

Benefits The Environment
At first it may seem difficult to understand how buying second hand clothes could produce a greener environment. Nevertheless, it does. Recycling is one of the main tenets of the current push towards a cleaner environment. Instead of being thrown away, used clothes are reused again, sometimes in very unusual ways. An ordinary pair of blue jeans, for instance, can become a purse, a vest, or a child’s hat. When fabrics become too used up to convert into something else, they are broken down into raw materials at textile recycling plants to be used as a base for other items, and the process starts all over again.

The best part of giving or buying second hand clothes is the good feeling it gives you, both when you donate for the benefit of others, and when you find that beyond-belief sale of your dreams.