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Worldwide shipping of bulk used clothing, premium clothes, mixed rags, used shoes and toys!



Bulk Used Clothing Distributor

UCBrands is a for-profit company that resells American second hand clothing in the U.S. and to other developing countries.

Wholesale Used Clothing Export

 UCBrands exports used clothing overseas as well as distributing in the United States. Our clothing is collected from the best areas of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, and Maryland. We export to various countries in South America, Europe, and Africa as well as Haiti and other countries in the Caribbean and Central America.
Being a wholesale used clothing distributor we mostly sell in small 20 ft. or big 40 ft. containers. By selling in large quantities we can offer you the best per-pound price! We do our best to satisfy our customers, so if you plan to order 2 containers or more, we can offer even better pricing. We strongly advise you to contact our staff to get a full second hand wholesale price! We are conveniently located within the New York metropolitan area If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online, we would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, we will be happy to help you.You can contact us at (845) 372-5380. You can also reach us at our e-mail address:

We offer sorted & good quality used clothing products! Our experienced workers sort clothes into approximately 200 categories. Every item is inspected at least 3 times before finally being packed. Thanks to our automated management system we could reduce the number of errors to a minimum.


We can take care of shipping and inland transportation. We send 20 ft. or 40ft. containers on a regular basis. Let us know your port of destination to get freight quotes.


We work hard to satisfy our customers demands. We are happy to help your business grow. Contact us using the form below, e-mail, phone.


American Used Clothing

The United States is home of famous designer labels such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger. Another world famous brand is Levi Strauss & Co. and their jeans which became very popular in United States after being introduced in 1873. American clothes are all very stylish and comfortable. American market, as very demanding, requires high quality clothes that are made to last. Even after being washed and worn clothes don't shrink and remain colorful. This makes american used clothing so popular across the world.

UCBrands is backed with 20 years of industry experience. During these years the company became one of the best american graders and recyclers of used clothing. We process 50,000 pounds of used clothing every day. We inspect every item very carefully and select only those that meet high standards. The best pieces of clothing like designer clothes or brand new clothes we equally distribute in our bales.


Abercrombie Aeropostale American Eagle Coach Hollister
Calvin Klein Gap Inc. Ralph Lauren Guess Levi's
Nike Tommy Hilfiger Timberland Victoria's Secret The North Face

UCBrands does not sell by brands. Every bale is a mix of brands and we can't guarantee that you will find selected brands in your order.




At UCBrands, we have built our company on the belief that we have a purpose, in life and in business, to help provide jobs and bring dignity to people throughout the world. We are proud of our success and determined to be a positive force in society by constantly working to build mutually-rewarding relationships with our customers, suppliers, and employees.

Our mission is to create opportunities for economic improvement for our customers and employees while promoting environmental stewardship by providing new life for otherwise discarded goods.